Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Races and Trail Runs

The Wee-Chi-Tah Trail has been voted the best urban off-road trail in the State of Texas!  It is a fun trail with many short, steep climbs, and screaming descents.  It will be the venue for the Wee-Chi-Tah USA Cycling Off-Road Time Trial Bike Race and the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Run. There will be awards by age groups but the greatest reward is finishing all in one piece.

Registration for the 2019 Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Races, presented by the Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys, opened January 1st!  There will be 11-mile USA Cycling off-road mountain bike races on Friday, August 23, 2019 – times for the various categories will be here.  The half marathon and 10K distance trail runs on Sunday, August 25, 2019 will begin at 7:00AM.  Registration for the Mountain Bike races will be limited to the first 300 riders per category due to trail capacity issues. There will be no late registration for the mountain bike races.

Online Registration is PREFERRED and ENCOURAGED. Click here to register online for the Wee-Chi-Tah events: https://www.bikereg.com/hotternhell101

The Triple Threat

1. Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Races


2. Trail Runs


3. 100 Mile Endurance Ride

Do you like to take challenges?  To push yourself to places most dare not to go?? Do you like to work hard?  Or, are you in a training group with a bunch of buddy’s that like to talk ‘smack’? The Triple Threat is for you!  Three days, three different events, one awesome trophy!

All you have to do is race the Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain bike race on Friday, ride or race your road bike on the Hotter’N Hell 100 mile course (single bike, no tandems that would be cheating) on Saturday and run the half marathon on the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail on Sunday morning (remember - there is no late registration for the mountain bike races).  That’s all you have to do!

The Spoils:

If you meet this challenge you will receive a one of a kind, made by me and my friends in my back yard, I Survived the Triple Threat trophy!  That’s right, we make them!  We cut slices of trees that fall on the trail, sand them and brand them at least twice.  Each trophy takes at least 20 minutes to make.  And that doesn’t count the time in the field to cut the slices!  Our trophies have won awards for being the coolest trophies in the southwest! It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, if you complete all three events, you get an I Survived the Triple Threat trophy!

The best get better:

Want more of a challenge?  Do you think you're fast???  We have two very special awards given to the one man and one woman that have the lowest combined time in the Triple Threat.  We hand pick the two coolest Triple Threat trophies and make them into clocks!!  Yep, clocks!  Isn’t that cool???  The lowest combined time gets a clock!!

To register for the Triple Threat click: https://www.bikereg.com/hotternhell101

The Triple Threat, many attempt it, few succeed.