What day is the Hotter’n Hell Hundred Ride?

Saturday August 24, 2019.

Is there going to be an early start for the 100 mile group?

The 2011 a 6:15 start was planned for the 100 milers because of the forecast 114 degree temperatures. Plans were put in place to staff the 100 mile rest stops an hour early to support that start. As you will remember, there was significant publicity that only the 100 mile route would open early. The large number of 100k, 50 mile & even 25 milers that started early and got out on the routes an hour before the support was ready created a significant safety concern. We do not have plans to repeat the early start.

How far is it to Hell’s Gate on the 100 mile route?

Hell’s Gate is 61 miles into the ride. What time does Hell’s Gate close and what happens? Hell’s Gate is normally schedule to close at 12:30 PM. If ride conditions deteriorate to the point of being dangerous for riders, Hell’s Gate may be closed earlier at the direction of the Ride Medical Director. When Hell’s Gate closes the remaining 40 miles of the 100 mile route will be closed and all riders will be directed to the alternate 75 mile  route through Sheppard Air Force Base. 

How do I register for the 75 mile route?

Register for the 100 mile route as a Keeper and then drop off the 100 mile route at Hell’s Gate (~61 miles) and follow the access road to merge with the 100k route through SAFB.

Can I change the Endurance Ride distance I plan to Ride?

Requests made before the waivers are emailed and labels are printed will be made in the registration system. Individuals wishing to change after should line up at the back of the starting group they are switching into.

Is there a place to rent bikes for the RIDE?

There aren't any bike shops in Wichita Falls that maintain a rental fleet. Rentals are available from Richardson Bike Mart in Richardson, TX. To reserve a bike Click on this link:   https://bikemart.com/about/bicycle-rentals-hottern-hell-pg2251.htm

How can I volunteer to help at Hotter’N Hell this year?

We truly appreciate all the volunteers that make the Hotter’N Hell Hundred possible! If you are interested in volunteering call 940-733-1532 or email hhvols@gmail.com and provide your contact information. A volunteer coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.


Since only two children were registered last year, the YMCA will not be offering Childcare in 2019. WEhave not had any other childcare facilities step forward and offer to provide those services.

Have I registered?

You can check by going to: http://www.bikereg.com/33046?if=1 and selecting “Who’s Registered”.

What do I do if I don’t get or have my waiver?

Waivers will be emailed in batches beginning the first week in August. If you don’t receive an emailed waiver it may be due to an error in the email as entered or it may have gone to a SPAM folder. Check the ‘Whose Registered’ on BikeReg. If you are registered, just come to the HHH Regular Registration room and check in at the Ride Number Lookup desk. They will provide a replacement waiver.

What time does the Ride Start?

The start line cannon goes off at ~7:05AM for all distances.

How many rest stops are there?

The rest stops are spaced about every 10 miles on all of the Endurance Ride routes, a little closer toward the end of the 100 mile route.

What time does the 100 mile Endurance Ride route close? 

The last riders usually finish around 5:30 > 6:00 PM. The course officially closes at 7:00PM

What is the start line address? 

104 Scott Ave, Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Where can I pick up my packet? 

Packet Pick Up is at the Wichita Falls MPEC Exhibit Hall, 1000 5th St., Wichita Falls, TX, 76301.

What are the hours for Onsite Registration and Packet Pick Up? 

Thursday 4:00PM > 8:00PM; Friday 2:00PM > 10:00PM; & Saturday 5:30 > 7:00AM.

Are there any advance packet pick up sites in the Metroplex? 

No, we require all participants to pick up their packets at the MPEC Exhibit Hall during HHH week.

Can I pick up my friend’s packet? 

We prefer that riders pick up their packets in person. If that is not possible, you will need to bring your friend’s signed waiver and a photo copy of their driver’s license to verify their signature.

Why doesn’t the FAX machine work for my registration? 

It must be after Sunday August 18th ! We are out of the office setting up for HHH weekend and no longer have access to input manual registrations. You can Late register in person Thursday, Friday and early Saturday morning at the MPEC Exhibit Hall.

How hot will it be on August 24, 2019?  

HOTTER’N HELL – of course!