Rest Stops

The 16 HHH rest stops serve as regular oases (every 10 miles) from the blistering sun, hot concrete and dry wind of the five endurance routes. A rider can rest under the shade, be cooled down with a wet towel, drink cold water, PowerAde or Pickle Juice and carb up with fresh fruit, cookies or other tasty treats. Whether it’s 86 or 109 degrees, riders are never more than five miles from a lot of ice and a friendly HHH rest stop.

Over 3800 community volunteers gather each year to man their entertainingly themed and functional rest stops, which are locally sponsored by businesses or charitable organizations. Riders receive refreshment, shade and hospitality from eager volunteers along with medical care from nurses and a physicians connected to the HHH Medical Director by radio and to area hospitals via ambulance or helicopter.

Each year, riders consume around 20,000 bananas, 9,000 oranges, 8,000 pickles, 2,800 gallons of PowerAde and 10,000 gallons of water with over 70,000 pounds of ice at rest stops. More than 100 port-a-pots are also available across the five bicycle routes: 100 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 25 miles and 10K.

Rest Stop Sponsors include:

  • HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital,
  • 360th Training Squadron,
  • Electra Volunteers,
  • Wichita County,
  • Avis-Budget Group,
  • Target,
  • State Farm Insurance,
  • Home Depot,
  • Academy Sports,
  • Clinics of North Texas,
  • Alcoa-Howmet,
  • Red River Behavioral Health,
  • Sam’s Club,
  • University Kiwanis Club, 
  • Sheppard AFB,
  • Wells Fargo,
  • Walmart (north),
  • Walmart (south),
  • Wichita Falls Firefighters,
  • Kell West Hospital,
  • Upward Bound @ MSU,
  • PALS and
  • SAFB Company Grade Officers.    

Dail Neely - Rest Stop Coordinator –